So we hosted a Lord of the Rings party for my friend and this is the cake I made him (It took so long to do, there goes the idea that I thought it would be easy lol)

Oh and if it looks shiny it’s cause I had to decorate it in an hour so the icing was still slightly wet haha

I think i’m the master of digging myself into a hole.

drawin’ random dudes

Been away for a week so sorry for quietness, I’ll catch up with the asks in my inbox soon.
Also, I’m in a pretty rubbish/upset mood so if anyone has any simple/fun/easy drawing requests that would be appreciated :) x

The Owl and the Pussycat

(On another 8 hour train journey so I finished this o_o)

So i’m on the Isle of Skye in Scotland watching Game of Thrones and doodling…

Because pretty 9 hour train journey

Well i’m on an 8 hour train journey so I might as well start a big ass drawing project thingy

Hindsight and regret are truly awful things. Also is inspiring someone with one of your potential ideas…then them actually planning to make said idea and knowing they’re gonna do it better than you ever would.  

Then it’s even worse when you really really love that person.

Torn between feeling pleased I inspired them and wanting them to do well…and feeling like i’ve lost an idea i’ve been working on for a month and a half with a notebook full of doodles/script ideas/research. 

Finally stuck knowing I can’t even help/be a part of it. 


(Part of my Owl and Pussycat project)


(Part of my Owl and Pussycat project)

Quick rough doodle for a poem that I found that I had written about the guy I had a major crush on about a year ago and thought i’d never have a chance with.

(he’s my boyfriend now lol) 

Cecil sketch 

chewbaxter asked:
Hi. I was the Cecil you met that chose the glow cloud sticker. Just wanted to say that I've scrolled through your blog and I think your arts V good. Can't wait to see more. Thanks.

Thanks so much :D was awesome to meet you, loved your costume ^_^ x

Giving out free night vale stickers to anyone cosplaying anything from night vale today!